Saturday 17th of March 2018

Vietnam, by virtue of its location close to the South China Sea, occupies a very important place in both India’s Act-East Policy and Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy. It is estimated that about US$5 trillion of ship-borne trade passes through the South China Sea every year, making it crucial for both Japanese imports and exports. For India, too, Vietnam is an important e
A painful decade of bloody Maoist insurgency and then years of failed attempts later, Nepal on September 20, 2015 got a new Constitutional document, a development that led to celebrations in Hills but 135 days long protests in southern plains that claimed more than 40 lives. There was celebration in Kathmandu and the Hill regions by lighting lamps and firing crackers. But, the Madheshis and Tharus
China’s march into Europe with its massive Belt and Road Initiative has been far from smooth, in contrast to its path in Africa and Asia. In fact, it increasingly appears that the BRI, as the initiative is known, has failed to gain any traction. Instead of the warm welcome issued by Asian leaders, Europe is in the middle of restricting China’s advances. Germany, France and Italy have
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Rajesh Jain
The ‘trump card’ for the Congress is to declare Rahul Gandhi as its Prime Ministerial candidate immediately.
The Congress has to rise from the low of 44 seat

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Giancarlo Elia Valori
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Based on the long and careful speech delivered by Chinese President Xi Jinping on New Year’s Eve, it is currently useful to identify his

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Giancarlo Elia Valori
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It should also be noted that the scientific outlook on development had already been incorporated into the Constitution in 2007, even though

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Raja Murthy
After appearing to be snubbed by his host, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s troubled visit to India earlier this month had one bright spot: he looked like h

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Prashant Jha
China is an actor in Nepal’s internal politics and it has preferences. It invests political and financial capital to shape outcomes. And it has left India with limi

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Alessandro Gagaridis
In the past few days, the Maldives have suddenly become the object of international attention. This happened after President Abdulla Yameen’s decision to declare th

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