Tuesday 18th of December 2018

China, Russia, Japan and the United States sought to pivot towards India on the margins of the recently-concluded G20 summit. For Delhi, which wants to become a leading power rather than a balancer, the choice of right partners is challenging. Surprising as it may seem, India was a key interlocutor for both China and the United States, trade adversaries, on the margins of the 13th summit of Group
President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to Singapore this week, and in particular his participation in the 3rd ASEAN-Russia Summit and 13th East Asia Summit (EAS), mark an important step in Russia’s efforts to broaden its pivot to the East. Hitherto, its pivot has been focused on China and Northeast Asia. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin made his first-ever state visit to Singap
There is a tremendous political and diplomatic clout exercised by China that either influences or shapes the foreign policies of many nations regarding Taiwan. For many experts, the most glaring example of such a leverage exercised by the Chinese is the recent case of Air India, where Air India in order to comply with the Chinese demand to change the name of Taiwan on its website, renamed it as Ch
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Gaurav Kumar
Weeks after the Indian Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat warned about the attempts being made through "external linkages" to” revive insurgency in Punjab and it

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Veeramalla Anjaiah
As the leaders of 10 Southeast Asian states gather for the 33rd ASEAN Summit this week in Singapore, hostile clouds are forming on the horizon of the South China Sea (SCS

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Gaurav Kumar
On 9 November 2018, Russian hosted a peace conference on Afghanistan, which was attended by representatives from the Taliban, High Peace Council members and delegates fro

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On US sanctions impacting India-US relations and India's air power
At the White House in Washington, a fortnight back, the mercurial US President Donald Trump, alludin

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Asma Khalid
The 2008 India-US civil is marked as one of the most significant event in the strategic landscape of South Asia in last 3 decades. This deal has been viewed as a beginnin

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Cornelia Meyer
Last week was a bloody one on international stock markets. Disappointing earnings, mounting trade tensions between China and the US, the standoff between the Italian gove

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