Friday 21st of September 2018

The recent decision by China to allow Nepal to use all its ports for trade is a move that will be viewed by India with some concern. According to the agreement inked between Kathmandu and Beijing, Nepal can get access to the facilities at Chinese ports of Tianjin, Shenzen, Lianyungang and Zhanjiang. Kathmandu has good reason to want to shake off New Delhi’s influence over it. In 2015, India
Bangladesh is one of the few countries in South Asia that has been able to free itself from the clutches of extremist Islamist violence. The country has made incremental yet spectacular achievement in its fight against terrorism and religious intolerance. The year 2018 reflects on its achievement in terms of both crackdowns on the lslamist groups like Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), Jamaat-
There are only a handful of countries that is enthusiastically debated in India. The arc of Indian foreign policy discussion often is limited to countries which are of economic or defence significance to India. India’s strategic interests in policy deliberation have limited actors in South Asia, West Asia, South East Asia and of late countries like Iran and Japan, apart from few western coun
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Gaurav Kumar
There is a pattern to the violence in Kashmir in 2018, a mere replication of what have been the physiognomies of the conflict in the valley. There might be a marginal var

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Titli Basu
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman invited Japan to participate in the two defence industrial production corridors1 in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh during the Annual Def

North East Asia,Japan, Military Issues,Security

Gaurav Kumar
Political Elections are complex phenomenon and have important role in the functioning of the modern democracy. Systematic and regular elections are core attributes of a v

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Gaurav Kumar
The High Peace Council (HPC), the Afghanistan Ulema Council (AUC), the Grand National Council of Jihadi Leaders and Afghan Women’s Association has urged the governm

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Gaurav Kumar
On 12 August 2018, Sikh for Justice, a US based organisation organised ‘London Declaration’ event at London’s Trafalgar Square, a non-binding referendum

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Ajit Kumar Singh
On July 23, 2018, over a dozen Islamic State (IS, also Daesh) and Afghan Taliban terrorists were killed internecine clashes in Kunar Province. According to reports, the c

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