Monday 23rd of July 2018

If the Quad cannot make clear how it addresses three inherent contradictions in its revival of the ‘Indo-Pacific’, it will not achieve the support of ASEAN states. The revival of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ as a geostrategic region for the United States was perhaps less surprising than the revival of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, better known as the ‘Quad’, with
The hallmark of nearly all the recent political crisis in South Asian countries has two prominent elements in it- first, growing imprints of China; and second, cultivation of some kind of political distantiation from India. The overlapping of the two unfolding phenomenon is so distinct, that it is impossible not to conclude that one impacts the other. If Nepal and Sri Lanka are examples where we
The evolving geopolitical realities in South Asia are a matter of concern for India. The problem of shrinking space for convergences of interests between India and its neighbour is compounded by slow but strong involvement of China in the region. Nepal, among all the South Asian countries that shared strong cultural, religious and political links with India is fast inclining towards China. Prime M
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Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra
India’s foreign policy concerns in forging close strategic ties with the US can be grouped under three related themes such as India’s sovereignty concerns, it

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Shyam Saran
That Indonesia, the largest country in ASEAN, has signed on to the concept, will increase its acceptability for others
The recent Shangri-La Dialogue at Singapore becam

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Gaurav Kumar
When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 18th annual meeting of SCO in Qingdao, China, the first meeting for India after it was included in SCO in 2017, he m

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P S Suryanarayana
China and Russia’s outreach towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created space for him to explore a new ‘Connect East’ strategy towards ASEAN

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Subrata Majumder
Intensive debates wade in between Mr Narendra Modi and Dr Manmohan Singh with regard to their reforms and governance to reshape the Indian economy in the wake of the fort

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Preeti Raina
One reason why India-Japan Defence Partnership and Relations blossomed is due to Chinese hostility and belligerence at the Indian Ocean. India and Japan have collaborated

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