Tuesday 19th of June 2018

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 18th annual meeting of SCO in Qingdao, China, the first meeting for India after it was included in SCO in 2017, he must have in his mind some of the core issues India needs to work on. His intervention in extended plenary of 18th SCO Summit on June 10, 2018 intended to address India’s major aspirations and apprehensions amidst the flux in
China and Russia’s outreach towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created space for him to explore a new ‘Connect East’ strategy towards ASEAN and seek nuanced ‘strategic autonomy’ in engaging big powers. Responding to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Southeast Asia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has articulated a nascent ‘Connect
Intensive debates wade in between Mr Narendra Modi and Dr Manmohan Singh with regard to their reforms and governance to reshape the Indian economy in the wake of the forthcoming general elections in early 2019s. Arguably, Mr Modi is not a radical reformer, as he seems. He is the great accelerator of the reforms erstwhile made, by putting them into action. Against this, Dr Singh is vouched for a gr
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Preeti Raina
One reason why India-Japan Defence Partnership and Relations blossomed is due to Chinese hostility and belligerence at the Indian Ocean. India and Japan have collaborated

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Ajit Kumar Singh
The latest round of efforts to bring Taliban to ‘talks table’ has commenced. Sounding optimistic, Atturahman Saleem, Deputy of Afghanistan’s High Peace

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James M. Dorsey
A planned China and Russia-led show of support for Iran at next month’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit is likely to be primarily symbolic unless the

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Abhishek Mohanty
On May 21, within the framework of perpetual deployment of the Indian Navy’s Eastern Fleet to Southeast Asia and the Northwest Pacific region, three Indian naval sh

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Subrata Majumder
US-China negotiations on trade war, ended last week, assured by Chinese honest intent for significant imports from USA. Chinese media hogged the headlines saying that the

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Shyam Saran
Amid global uncertainty, China’s Xi adopts a conciliatory approach with India’s Modi – a timeout for the two rivals.
Two leaders of Asia’s larges

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