Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

Amid global uncertainty, China’s Xi adopts a conciliatory approach with India’s Modi – a timeout for the two rivals. Two leaders of Asia’s largest powers – Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi – emerged on the scene two years apart with similar promises. Different paces of growth, different approaches taken by each, dramatically altered their respective positions, givi
The Prime Minister’s decision to make a standalone visit to Russia at this stage is a reflection of the country’s importance in the bilateral, regional and global context. Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Sochi, for an informal summit on 21 May with Russian President Vladimir Putin follows a similar engagement with Chinese President Xi in Wuhan on 27-28 April. Both engagements ha
As decision-makers meet in Abu Dhabi, it is important for this vital bloc not to retreat into its tragedies or be consumed by anger. writes Raghida Dergham Just because there are alarming political and security developments in the Arab region hindering its ambitions does not mean it has to stop thinking in visionary terms and start planning in strategic terms. It is unhealthy for this vital bloc
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By Dr Subhash Kapila
The China-India Informal Summit between Indian PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Wuhan, China on April 27-28 201 8 was high on hopes and media hype. Competing g

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Aparna Pande
Modi’s visit to China this week could lead to an easing of their strained ties but any reset will benefit Beijing far more than New Delhi.
When Indian Prime Minis

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Vincent Lofaso
For centuries, the Silk Road’s web of trading routes connected major civilizations in East Asia with the Middle East and the European continent. It facilitated not

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Gen. Ashok K. Mehta (Retd)
India has learnt lessons from the 2015 India-inspired, Madhesi-executed blockade, which backfired.
Prime Minister K.P. Oli, the supreme leader of Nepal, arrives in India

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Mevlut Cavusoglu
Turkey’s intervention in Syria is correcting for America’s flaws and laying the groundwork for a sustainable peace.
The gloomy portrait of the Middle East t

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Rajesh Jain
The focus must be on JOBS – justice, ownership, bhavishya (future) and samriddhi (prosperity). Together, they create jobs – which is what India’s youth

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