Monday 21st of January 2019

Long-standing relations, economic realities and the responsibilities of leading a country trumped Khan’s populist views. Ahead of his election last July, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s rhetoric regarding the Middle East seemed overtly pro-Iranian to many in the Gulf Cooperation Council, despite Pakistan’s history of friendly ties with Gulf countries. In 2015, Khan and hi
Russia-India relationship beyond 2018 in terms of perspectives does not offer the same optimism and generate the same fizz as it did till before the disintegration of the Former Soviet Union. Geopolitically and in terms of strategic embrace, Russia at turn of Millennium swung towards China and India moved strategically closer to the United States. The reverse swing by both Russia and China was bot
The global terrorist and extremist threat is likely to persist in 2019 as the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group goes through a phase of re-adaptation and de-centralisation. This threat will remain given the global failure to resolve the underlying causes of extremism and terrorism. The self-styled Islamic State (IS) continues to present an enduring threat worldwide despite the territorial losses
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Tamim Asey
Afghanistan is yet at another cross road of history and in dire need of political leadership and statesmanship to steer it in a post US and NATO engagement era. The histo

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P S Suryanarayana
China, Russia, Japan and the United States sought to pivot towards India on the margins of the recently-concluded G20 summit. For Delhi, which wants to become a leading p

America,Asia,South Asia,India, Arms & Trade,Military Issues,Security,Terrorism

Chris Cheang
President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to Singapore this week, and in particular his participation in the 3rd ASEAN-Russia Summit and 13th East Asia Summit (EAS), m

South East Asia, Security,Politics
Gaurav Kumar
There is a tremendous political and diplomatic clout exercised by China that either influences or shapes the foreign policies of many nations regarding Taiwan. For many e

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Gaurav Kumar
Weeks after the Indian Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat warned about the attempts being made through "external linkages" to” revive insurgency in Punjab and it

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Veeramalla Anjaiah
As the leaders of 10 Southeast Asian states gather for the 33rd ASEAN Summit this week in Singapore, hostile clouds are forming on the horizon of the South China Sea (SCS

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