Friday 16th of November 2018

On 9 November 2018, Russian hosted a peace conference on Afghanistan, which was attended by representatives from the Taliban, High Peace Council members and delegates from 11 countries. The initiative has gained a lot of attention internationally due to its ability to bring the Taliban members on the same table with the High Peace council members, which is in charge of the peace and reconciliation
On US sanctions impacting India-US relations and India's air power At the White House in Washington, a fortnight back, the mercurial US President Donald Trump, alluding to the recently signed US 5 billion dollars India-Russia S- 400 air defence missiles contract, had haughtily declared that “ India will soon find out….. sooner than you think” conveying the US government&rsqu
The 2008 India-US civil is marked as one of the most significant event in the strategic landscape of South Asia in last 3 decades. This deal has been viewed as a beginning of special relationship between India and the US. However, after signing the nuclear deal, the first strategic dialogue between India and US took place on 2010 at Washington. It is unfortunate that since its inception, the strat
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Cornelia Meyer
Last week was a bloody one on international stock markets. Disappointing earnings, mounting trade tensions between China and the US, the standoff between the Italian gove

Middle East-North Africa, Energy Security,Security,Politics
Ramzy Baroud
Although ties between Washington and Tel Aviv are stronger than ever, Israeli leaders are aware of a vastly changing political landscape. The US’ own political turm

North East Asia,China, Energy Security,Security,Politics

Gaurav Kumar
The war in Syria is on the cusp of significant developments and has reached a stage from where it can take any turn, expectedly a more dreadful turn if the current stands

Middle East-North Africa, Military Issues,Security,Terrorism
Gaurav Kumar
The potential theoretical and political importance of dialogue has been an integral part of the solution oriented discoursein a conflict. The underlining assumption is th

Asia,South Asia,India,Pakistan, Military Issues,Nuclear Issues,Security,Terrorism

Sumit Kumar
The recent decision by China to allow Nepal to use all its ports for trade is a move that will be viewed by India with some concern. According to the agreement inked betw

Asia,South Asia,India,Nepal, Security,Democracy,Politics
Gaurav Kumar
Bangladesh is one of the few countries in South Asia that has been able to free itself from the clutches of extremist Islamist violence. The country has made incremental

Asia,South Asia,Bangladesh, Security,Terrorism

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