Wednesday 27th of September 2023

Restore Turkey-Israel relations better for regional stability
Ajay Mohan
Region : Middle East-North Africa,
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Turkiye President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid discussed Turkiye-Israel ties in a phone call. Both nations are big powers in the region. This is the historical call because both sides agreed to reappointment of ambassadors.
Normalization of relations has been started when Israeli President Isaac Herzog visited in March. Turkiye always supports sustainable development, prosperity and peace in the region.
Lapid wrote on twitter and underlined that “Israel and Turkiye are two key countries in the region. Israel President Herzog said “I commend the renewal of full diplomatic relations with Turkiye- an important development that we have been leading for the past year, which will encourage greater economic relations, mutual tourism and friendship between Israel and Turkish people.”
Turkiye and Israel still have mutual interests economically. Natural gas development is still a big prospect.
This relationship brings prosperity in the economic relations. In 2018 bilateral trade between the nations $6.2 billion according to the Geneva based international trade centre. Turkiye is the Israel’s 7th largest trade partner. It means both countries have huge possibility.
Mutual trade of good and business services between Turkiye and Israel in 2021stood at $7.7 billion an increased of about 30 % compared to 2020.
The volume of goods exports to Turkiye in 2021 was about $2.1 billion after reappointment of ambassadors there relations can touch new high.
Palestine issues also a very important for Turkiye foreign minister of Turkiye said normalization relations with Israel benefits for the Palestinians. Turkiye and Israel always want stability and peace of Gaza, reappointment ambassadors will help normalcy in Gaza.
Turkiye –Israel are common interest in Gaza on some objectives like prevent a humanitarian disaster there, Israel welcomes Turkey’s reconstruction efforts. Turkiye always supports building a new hospital, cleaning water wells, constructing housing and shipping humanitarian aid through Israel’s port of Ashdod.
Turkey always will continue to defend the rights of Palestinians. We should not forget that if Turkiye and Israel relations improved will probably occur alongside developments on the Israeli –Palestinian front.

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