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Erdogan, macron meeting in Paris -Relations on Right Path
Ajay Mohan
Region : Europe, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East-North Africa,
Issue : Security, Terrorism, Politics,
Turkey provided a model for the Middle East with its secular and modern outlook, parliamentary democracy and rapidly developing liberal economy. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan going to visit Paris on January 5. This is the first meeting Erdogan and Macron in Paris since the French election in May. This meeting would be very significant to tie up the strong relationship with France. French President Emmanuel Macron insisted to maintain the good relations with Ankara and dialogue is the best way to reach the consensus on Ankara’s admission in European Union.
In the matter of foreign affairs this visit is very important agenda discussion would be Jerusalem issue and Syria conflict as well as they will talk on bilateral relations. Both sides have common thinking about the Syria and the global terrorism in recent year both countries faced cruel face of the terrorism in their country.
France wants to establish a “stable and trusting relationship” with Ankara. Both countries relations are centuries old and they feel pride their old diplomatic relations. Important things are that both countries NATO members they already take part in joint mission in Afghanistan and Balkans. In the foreign policy scenario they have common understanding on many regional as well as international issues such as Middle East, the Balkans, the Caucasus and some African countries there Turkey and France cooperate with each other.
Syria crisis has become the problems of world many forces are fighting there but result is not coming out Turkey and France has same aspiration to put pressure on Bashar Al-Assad regime. President Erdogan visit enhance the cooperation on Syrian crisis specifically refugees migration problem Turkey and France will discuss very extensively because coming April France plans to present a draft law on immigration. President Macron wants to reduce the migrants arriving in his country. But he is facing big protest in his country. In recent years France has witnessed many terrorist attacks since 2015 to till October 2017 almost 26 terrors attacked on France. Same as Turkey is facing terrorist attacks.
They will also discuss about the economy, energy and defense cooperation. The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and France 13.38 billion dollars in 2016. And possibly will ready France ready to sale of 25 Airbus A330s to Turkish Airlines.
After Syria, Turkey’s European Union membership would be big agenda between the leaders. Actually, France has not any objection if Turkey join European Union because previous President Francois Hollande has said, is keen to develop our relations with turkey, which is key partner to France and the European Union. Expecting fruitful discussion would be happened and remove the positively all hurdles between Turkey and European Union admission in European Union. In the visit two leaders discuss about the terrorism. France very well known that Turkey can help very much to fight against terrorism.
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