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Japan’s Foreign Minister Visit to Turkey
Sanjay Pradhan
Region : Middle East-North Africa,
Issue : Security, Terrorism, Politics,
Turkey and Japan friendship relations are not new in 1890 the Ottoman frigate “Ertugral”( Ertugrul, launched in 1863, was a sailing frigate of the Ottoman Navy. While returning from a goodwill voyage from Japan in 1890, she encountered a typhoon off the coast of Wakayama Prefecture, subsequently drifted into a reef and sank. The maritime accident resulted in the loss of 533 sailors, including Rear Admiral Ali Osman Pasha. Only sixty-nine sailors and officers survived and returned home later aboard two Japanese corvettes. The event is still commemorated as a foundation stone of Japanese-Turkish friendship) paid goodwill visit to Japan and met the Emperor Meji. Turkish airlines evacuated many Japanese during the Iran-Iraq war. Does not matter Turkey located at the Eastern Asia and Japan located at the western end of Asia both countries has some emotional attachments. Japan and Turkey established their diplomatic relations in 1924. Since then relations between two nations improved year by year.
Recently, Japanese Foreign Minister Mr. Taro Kono visited Turkey. There he met Turkey’s foreign minister Mr. Mevlut Cavusoglu. This visit was very much significant in many ways economically, strategically, politically and culturally. Turkish FM’s statement clearly stated that Turkey and Japan want to work closely for further development and strengthen their relationship in the regional and international perceptions.
During the meeting they were reportedly agreed to multilateral framework on related to security issues that’s why dialogue may be organized in January 2018.
Turkey wants a Japanese technological superiority experience that’s why Turkey wants more cooperation in the construction of Sinop Nuclear plant. This project has been signed between Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shizo Abe on may 2013. This project carried out by Atmea, with joint venture of Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and French Areva. Geographically, Turkey is highly active earthquake-prone zone country. Other side Japan also highly earthquake prone zone country but Japan has lots of experience and highly expertise technology. Turkey wants to take advantage of Japanese technology experiences in Sinop Nuclear plant.
If we talk about the culturally relations both countries have long culture relations. Both sides exchanged many eminent personalities especially Japanese Shintaro Abe and Turkey’s former Prime Minister Turgut Ozal both leaders contribution very important to cementing the relations. In 2013 Japanese PM Shinzo Abe visited Turkey and signed a joint Declaration with Turkey “Eastablishment of Strategic partnership Between Japan and the Republic of Turkey.”
Economically side Turkey is bigger aid recipients in the Middle East from Japan. It shows that Japan trust and belief on Turkey and realized that Turkey is an important nation and playing significant role to stabilize the region. Actually, geography makes Turkey attractive nation at the crossroads of Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
Recent Japanese foreign Minister’s visit Turkey’s created the fruitful atmosphere both sides discussed Middle East process, an announcement regarding Jerusalem, the situation in Syria including the worsened situation in North Korea. They exchanged detailed views. During the talks Japan showed the deep interest to work closely with Turkey on the Syria matter and seeks more help to put more pressure on North Korea leadership. Both seem assured with each other to work closely in interest of the world. Mr. Cavusoglu said “important steps “with Japan would be made in 2018. Including Foreign Minister Turkish economy and energy minister will visit Japan soon.
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