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Ajay Mohan
Region : MiddleEast-NorthAfrica,
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Modi’s visit to Israel is really mean very significance in Indian foreign policy. It is first visit in 70 years when any Indian PM going to visit Israel. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu looking more anxious to meet Modi when he tweeted "Next week, the Indian Prime Minister, my friend, Narendra Modi will arrive in Israel. This is a historic visit to Israel. In the 70 years of the country's existence, no Indian Prime Minister has ever visited and this is a further expression of the state of Israel's military, economic and diplomatic strength,” Modi not going to visit Ramallah during his Israel trip, and will not schedule meetings with Palestinian Authority (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas or other PA leaders", according to media. Modi is a nationalist leader his thinking and his ideology absolutely different previous Indian leaders.
India always maintained balance relations between Palestine and Israel. Undoubtedly, India has good relations with Arab world too. But this time Indian foreign policy looks special move towards Israel. Present world scenario India’s relations with Pakistan and China not going well. That’s why we need a good strategic partner and Israel is a perfect suit for India. Israel emerged biggest arms supplier to India. In April 2017 report that India and Israel signed a biggest defence contract almost $2 billion. In this deal Israel will provide advanced defence system of medium-range surface –to-air missiles, launchers and communication technology. India and Israel established full diplomatic relations in 192. Israel always try to make close defence relations with India after 1962 war between India and China. Israeli chief of Army staff and chief military intelligence were welcome by India for some exchanges of Intelligence views. Israel always helps in the war with china and Pakistan (1962, 1965 and 1971).
Initially, before disintegration Soviet Union was the biggest survivor of India but after disintegration obviously its strength divided into new emerging states. Then India starts seriously thinking towards Israel. But India hesitates to buy Israeli arms because India has deep rooted relations with Arab world. Because India has second largest Muslim population it is fear that if India buys Israeli arms it create serious problem among the Muslims in India and it could be election time shift the vote . But India try to maintained fine balance. But India’s Army top brass wanted to buy Israeli arms. Political class don’t want Israel. But top Army brass start convincing Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to buy Israeli arms and cooperation with Defence Ministry of Israel finally they succeed.
It is believe that BJP political party always in favour to make a good strategic and diplomatic relations with Israel. Because when India tested nuclear capability in 1998, U.S, Europe all sanctioned on India but Israel did not condemn the test and agree to support India in future.
Now, Modi’s visit to Israel Nicolas Blarel, assistant professor at Leiden University, the Netherland said. "The Israeli government is treating this visit as a really, really big deal."
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