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Diplomacy is Good Way To Solve the Qatar Crisis- Turkey
Ajay Mohan
Region : MiddleEast-NorthAfrica,
Issue : Conflict Resolution, Security, Terrorism,
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke by phone with the leaders of Qatar, Russia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on lowering tensions
"The importance of regional peace and stability was underlined in the talks, as well as the importance of focusing on the path of diplomacy and dialogue to lower the current tension
Turkey Emphasised on dialogue to solve the problems between the Qatar and Gulf, Arab countries. Turkish foreign ministry called for dialogue can diffuse the tension.
Bahrain, UAE and Yemen joined the Saudi Arabia and Egypt in severing relations with gas rich Qatar. These countries accusing Qatar has involved in supporting terrorism and destabilising the region. But Qatar is denying the allegations.
Turkey’s role in the region removes the all tensions because main target is Islamic State and Daesh in the region. Turkey does not want this tussle divert the attention. Undoubtedly, Turkey has good relations with both sides. One side is Qatar and other side Saudi Arab and other countries. Qatar arguing that these all allegations are baseless and fabricated.
Turkey stand with tiny Gulf state but also saying that Saudi Arab is big nation in the region and has to play role as a big brother and try to solve the tussle as soon as possible.
If tension accelerate these countries’ economy can slow because both side they are relies on each other. As we know Qatar is gas rich country through old-Dolphin project UAE used about 2 billion cubic feet day (CFD) of gas , Egypt used Qatar’s 65 per cent Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG ) , almost 10 per cent of its daily consumption .
Analyst saying that if tension not removed and sea route disturbed. Those countries are importing LNG from Qatar namely India, japan, China, South Korea could face trouble. India annually imports 8.5 million tonnes of LNG from Qatar. Qatar is the world’s largest LNG exporter according to WodMac, exporting 78 million tonnes last year, 3 per cent of global supply and two thirds going to Asia.
Recently Turkey send its Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to Qatar when he arrived in Qatar he said to Qatari news agency “"We do not want any differences between our brothers in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, and it is not enough to say that there is a problem without trying to resolve it”.
On humanitarian ground Turkey is helping Qatar. Turkey deploys troops in Qatar but does not mean that it has any rift with Saudi’s and other nations. U.S has military base in Qatar and almost 10,000 troops stationed it does not mean that they are Qatari or want to increase tension. Turkey saying that this conflict not in favour of any one if Gulf and Arab are dependent on Qatar‘s gas. Qatar also imports 80 per cent of foods from the Gulf. But Researcher forecasting that if this tussle going on this will move to recession in the economy in the region. Those countries sanctioning Qatar would also lose money because of damage to business in the region. "If we're going to lose a dollar, they will lose a dollar also. Qatar FM, said. In a joint news conference with Bahrain's Foreign Minister Khalid bin Al Khalifa, Cavusoglu said Turkey would continue its efforts to resolve the Gulf dispute. On humanitarian ground Turkey is providing food and medicine to help Qatar ease its isolation.
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