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Mike Pompeo's visit to Turkey-Analysis
Ajay Mohan
Region : MiddleEast-NorthAfrica,
Issue : Security, Terrorism,
Between the Telephonic call between Erdogan and Trump Less than 48 hours CIA head Mike Pompeo was in Turkey to map out the future relations and how to tackle Islamic State. Long discussion held between Erdogan and Trump expecting good one. Actually, U.S has plenty of dilemmas in Middle East particularly in Syria. First, a dilemma is relations with Russia. But now Trump restarting relations with Russia in a positive way. And another dilemma is previous government supporting YPG (Kurdish People’s Protection Units). But it seems present administration not stands with YPG because U.S. expects Turkey is important ally of U.S. in Middle East. It is clear that U.S. perspective is that it is not going to send its ground forces in Syria because it has very sour experience in Afghanistan. Other side relations between Turkey and Russia going on a positive way both are committed to establish peace in Syria. In the meeting with Mike Pompeo Turkey clearly stated that it would not collaborate with Northern Syrian Kurds to defeat ISIS in Syria. And other side not good news for Fetullah Gulen too, initially Obama administration was not returning him to Turkey. But now Trump will talk about this matter with Turkey this assurance has been given by Mike Pompeo. So we can analysis that Pompeo visit was bad news not only for Kurds but also for Fetullah Gulen also. CIA’s head visit was very significant to build the future strategy in Syria. In the phone conversation between Trump and Erdogan agreed to free al-Bab and Raqqa from Daesh (Al-Bab town is in a strategic location for Daesh because it is on the route linking Daesh-occupied parts of Aleppo province and its de facto capital Raqqa. Al-Bab is also important for Turkey because it wants to prevent the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from linking the Kurdish cantons of Kobani and Afrin). Turkey also discussed with Pompeo that U.S. has to stop supporting PYD (Democratic Union Party), PYD is an extension of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) terrorist organization recognized by U.S. and European Union.
Actually, U.S. President and Vice –President clears in his statement that “Turkey is a long standing NATO ally U.S. needs Turkey in Syria.” Turkey puts two demands before Pompeo first, U.S. stop YPG (Kurdish People’s Protection Units) cooperation and second, how to harmonize safe zone in Syria. Actually, Turkey is more efficient to removing Daesh it shows in the “operation Euphrates shield”. And in the safe zone matter Turkey always says that safe zone is how to secure their borders and safe return of refugees. And surprisingly Trump is interested in safe zones but previous U.S. administration was not talk about the safe zone in Syria.
As we know that in Astana Process Turkey, Russia and Iran are three guarantors. U.S. believed that Astana process can deliver results under the framework of Geneva. These things were discussed in the Pompeo’s visit to Turkey. But in the Astana Process not easy to reach the conclusion it give everything fruitful because Iran does not want U.S. involvement and Syrian rebels don’t want Iran’s involvement in the Astana Process so how to make consensus it has to think. But Turkey has not any problems with any party in the Astana Process. Future relations between Turkey and U.S. administration expectations very high because CIA’s directors first visit to choose Turkey. Trump is looking anxious to make good relation with regional allies and Turkey is the best option because Turkey is the second military power in NATO and a big power in Middle East. Turkey is talking with Iran, Russia and U.S. for the peace and stability in Syria this is nice fine tuning foreign policy of Turkey. Mike Pompeo talked with Turkey constructive and detailed exchanges of the views. And Turkey delivered all concerns and both are agree for peace in Syria.
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