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Why Turkey has Right to take Part in Mosul Operation
Ajay Mohan
Region : Middle East-North Africa,
Issue : Military Issues, Security, Terrorism,
Turkey has always desire in Iraq to fight against Daesh to establish the stability. That’s why Turkey declared fight against Daesh and takes part in the battle for Mosul so that it’s increased its military presence in the border of Iraq. In the present situation Turkey is hosting more than 3 million Syrian refugees this is a very big task that how to provide all basic needs to the refugees.
Basically, Turkey already said that it does not want any demographic changes in northern Iraq but some countries try to force Turkmens to leave their homes. Not any country in the world want any neighbour country involved anti –national activities same as Turkey does not wants Mosul become the base of anti-Turkey groups. But Kurdish PKK wants to make anti Turkic region and kill innocent people of Turkey. Turkey has always been the defender of the Iraqi Turkmen’s rights.Americans are very positive to the Turkey’s initiatives in the Northern Iraq. However, Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan strongly insists that Mosul’s situation directly related to the Turkey. Turkey has spent more than $12 billion on the Syrian refugees; this figure excludes the humanitarian aid provided by civil society and charities. Moreover, it has to deal with several social aspects of the refugee issue, including the integration of the refugees into Turkey’s health and education systems, and creating job opportunities.
No doubt that world is appreciating Turkey for the tackling and providing the refugees with facilities, if we compared to Jordon, Lebanon and the EU countries. Turkey also wants to solve the refuges problems and even don’t want new wave of refugees. If it happens it will destabilise the stability of border of Iraq where the PKK is already located and carries out deadly attack within Turkey.
It is possibilities that PKK to take the place of Daesh after Mosul is retaken, as it has experience in Rojava and Kobane where Daesh was repelled and then the two Syrian towns became bases for the PKK/PYD, it is report that PKK militants who have carried out terrorist attacks in Turkish cities.
Turkish backed groups fighting with Daesh for the peace and stability in northern Iraq. Iran has been backing the Baghdad administration and some Kurdish political parties such as Jalal Talabani’s Patriot Union of Kurdistan and Gorran. Turkey enjoys close cooperation with the Gulf and has good support of the world community.
The basic policy of Turkey is that to deal with the Turkmens’ problems in Iraq and believes that it has to defend the Turkish-speaking community’s rights. But in Iraq’s stance is completely opposite. Iraq is not able to defend their rights and not giving basic human needs as well as PKK and some KRG officials have a negative stance towards the community. Turkey always remained above sectarian issues it has maintained very good economic relations with Iran and other side it has very fruitful relations with Saudi Arab and western world too. When Turkey starts Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria basic aim was to secure sovereignty of the Iraq and prevent Iraq to going wrong hands. Mosul has a very significant importance of Turkish foreign policy. Any nation can’t tolerate that their borders remain destable Turkey has the rights to take preventive actions against terror outfits. Terror organisation such as PKK/ PYD enters in the Turkey and kills innocent people it can’t not be tolerable any sovereign country.
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