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Whom to talk India with Pakistan: Political Leadership, Army or ISI?
Ajay Mohan
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India has to change its strategy and convince three faces of Pakistan: Political Leadership, Army and ISI on one table.
Pathankot attack is a first sour taste of Modi’s government in the context of foreign policy. BJP came to power in second time but this time it has full majority. No doubt BJP is not a big player of international relations. I know this attack most of them criticising Modi’s visit to Lahore to wish Nawaz Sharif. This Indian PM’s step really a good step and establish a good relation with Pakistan. But you forget Pakistan’s foreign policy completely focused on India. I think you should think of it what you said to talk with Pakistan “not talk, if you talk with separatist leaders” you completely reverse you policy. Hurriyat Conference delegation met Pakistan High Commissioner on 14th December Abdul Basit in Delhi to discuss the recent visit of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to Islamabad where she met Pakistan's top leadership and launched Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue process. And our PM went to Lahore on 25th December only in 11 we reverse our policy. This is absolutely lack of experience in foreign policy matters. But this visit also showed India’s weakness of tough image before Pakistan. Because When Mr. Modi came to power whole South Asia specially Pakistan and China are very conscious about Modi aggressiveness. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to use the military option if the next terrorist attack in India is traced back to Pakistan, a former top US diplomat Robert Blackwill has warned while hoping that the Pakistanis would understand that their past behaviour is unlikely to be tolerated now. Lahore’s meeting really a setback of Modi’s tough image in the world.
Once you said we will not talk whenever you don’t stop talking with separatist leaders. So why Modi went to Lahore this is questionable. Whenever India would not solve the problems with Kashmiri separatist you cannot talk with Pakistan. Because you flourish separatism in India and Hurriyat conference is a big hurdle between India-Pakistan talks. But India doesn’t have any policy with tackling separatist leaders keep them in the house not a solution. India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. This is an Indian policy maker’s fault we have given much time to Pakistan to make Nuclear weapons and stand before India now Pakistan is a position to blackmail us. According to Tariq Fateh born in Karachi and live in Canada during his interview in the media he was saying Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons specifically made to attack India. Further he adds that Pakistan would not hesitate to attack India because Pakistan has much and deep wounds. When The BJP leaders repeatedly promised to be less tolerant of what India sees as Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism on its soil. Pathankot attack according to reports that jaish-e-Mohammad was the main accused. This was very planned attack specifically air base actually in the 1965 and 1971 war between India and Pakistan this air base was very important for our soldiers. These terrorist came to Pathankot airbase to destroy the MiG-21 and Mi fighter choppers, but did not know the location of parked aircraft choppers. But question is whenever we become defensive why not we use zero tolerance against terrorism. Those our brave soldiers killed what happened of their family money cannot fill their wounds. We have to change, change our strategy and perception we can’t become soft against Terrorism and Pakistan. Pakistan is a sick country and disease has become cancer. Other hand China is very serious about terrorism it knows Pakistan is a laboratory of terrorism that’s why he built Gwadar port to see all activities in Pakistan and other side SCO is a well-established organisation to see all activities in Central Asia.
Recently, China passed its anti-Terrorism law foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said “is the answer to the latest situation and our objective needs” and stressed that it is no different from “relevant legislation passed by western countries.” China supports its law and said "Not only in China, but also in many places internationally, growing numbers of terrorists are using the Internet to promote and incite terrorism, and are using the Internet to organize, plan and carry out terrorist acts," said China .
As we know Pakistan’s political party is helpless to given any assurance to India no further terrorist act happened in India. So what kind of options we have? Not only Pakistan’s political leaders but also there Army and ISI personnel’s we should talk. But some outdated protocol officers would say it is not possible our PM would talk beyond protocol because their political party in power but it not true if you want to solve the problem you have to talk three faces of Pakistan Politically, Army and ISI we have to convince three of them. And it is reality you have to talk with the matter of all issues including Kashmir.
If China can talk with Taliban to contain the terrorism coming from Afghanistan and recently it is report that Russian President Vladimir Putin talk with Taliban leaders too. So, why not India can change its strategy to contain terrorism which is coming from Pakistan? Then India has to play bold and vital role if it want to solve the problem otherwise Pakistan is an almost grip of ISIS. ISIS is not a minor problem in the world almost most of the countries changed its policy to counter terrorism because ISISI is a viral it’s spreading very rapidly e.g China, Russia, Japan and Turkey also facing a terrorism of PKK. Recently, Bangladesh expelled Pakistan’s diplomat over extremist link it is very serious matter. If we this scenario as an international framework some experts arguing that Modi government is making close relations with America not a Russia but recent Modi’s visit to Russia and Modi’s speech not show that we are isolating Russia as strategic friend. No doubt that Over Syria matter world is dividing Russia and America. But India always favour in talk and diplomatic solution of any problem.
India has long experience with Pakistan last time when former Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee went to Pakistan; in the response we got Kargil war. Then we lost many our brave soldiers we should not forget this. We have defeated Pakistan many times Pakistan knows that it cannot win the traditional war with India. But one thing is very dangerous for India Nuclear Bomb it can be used against India. Time has come when India has to change its strategy with Pakistan. First of all government has to tackle Kashmiri separatist leaders then India has to start talk with Pakistan. And talk should be all Kashmir including Pakistan occupied Kashmir also. I hope Modi and its team realised Pakistan is not an easy country it has three faces Political, Army and ISI you have to fight three of it.

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