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Iran’s Interest in BRICS
Ajay Mohan
Region : Middle East-North Africa,
Issue : Conflict Resolution, Energy Security, Security,
America and European Union finally agreed to remove the sanctions on Iran. In this way Iran is ready to reform its economy and develop it market. In this context Iran is seeking growing relationship with Brazil, Russia India, and China and South Africa (BRICS) nations. Brics is an association of five emerging markets and strategically powerful nations in the world. So that Iran looking Brics as a tool to expand its economic opportunities and strategic backup. Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East it estimated of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US $406.3 billion in the 2014. Iran has world second largest natural gas reserves so that not only Iran needs Brics but also Brics nations need Iran’s natural resources. Iran’s market –based reforms reflected in its fifth five-year Development Plan (2011-15) and its 20 years developmental programme. If we analysis Iran’s relation with individually Brics nations we found that Iran has deep and diversified economic, political and strategical relations with each Brics nations.
Relations with Brazil---Recently in the United Nations meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met with Brazilian President they talked about the future relations. Actually, Brazil has a special status for Iran among all other Latin American countries because of its trade and Brazil helps politically during the Iran’s sanctions time. Brazil thought that Iran is a regional power and Iran should expand its economic relation with Brics nation. In Latin American countries Brazil remain Iran’s main trading partner. Iran export goods to Brazil almost $35 million and Brazil export goods to Iran $2.3 billion according (2011). Recently Iran’s foreign minister Javed Zarif and Brazilian counterpart Mauro Luiz Lecker met in Tehran they agreed to promote bilateral cooperation. The Iranian President said “the close relations, ties and friendly cooperation between the Islamic republic of Iran and the federal republic of Brazil have had precious achievements so far in the bilateral, regional and international arenas.” This friendly relation between Iran-Brazil shows that Iran easily adjusts in Brics organization.
Relations with Russia- Iran-Russia relation is very deep and vast when Russian defence minister visited Iran after 15 years to grow military and diplomatic ties with Iran against the U.S policy in the Middle East. Iran’s perception is that when UN sanctions have been lifted relation with Russia will be more prosper. Iran’s ambassador to Russia given a statement that both nation plan to increase bilateral trade $5 billion to $70 billion per year. This is a very enthusiastic figure for future relation between two nations. Strategically, both nations looking very close cooperation because continuing problem in Syria.
Iran’s ambassador to Russia given a statement that both nation plan to increase bilateral trade $5 billion to $70 billion per year. This is a very enthusiastic figure for future relation. Strategically, both nations looking very close cooperation because continuing problem in Syria.
Relations with India---Iran’s relation with India is very deep socially, culturally, economically and politically. India is a more beneficial of lifted sanction on Iran because Iran’s “Chabahar port” is very important for India economically. This port provides an India trade route to Afghanistan and Central Asia, bypassing Pakistan. It will reduce the transportation costs and would be economically benefited to India. Both sides investment of around $85 million mainly the port used for the crude oil and urea. Another ambitious project of India is Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline India and Iran is willing to completed this project only Pakistan has to give assurance to complete this project.
Relations with China----Iran has big fresh market for the world it is an opportunity for the emerging markets to use this opportunity. As we know recently China devalued its currency to increase its exports. So Iran would be good option to China to selling its goods. Recently Iran’s Foreign Minister Mr. Javed Zarif visited China, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said Chinese leaders hope to discuss “deepening China-Iran relations and enhancing all-round cooperation under the new circumstances.” On economic side Iran-China relations very strong in 2014-15 trade between to country is almost $52 billion. As well as strategically Iran is a very crucial for China’s Silk Road Economic Belt initiative. China is welcoming Iran’s participation in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and now Brick association. Actually, Iran finds new base of economic, security and strategically strong nation’s cooperation to contain the hegemonic attitude of America and European Union
Relations with South Africa--- South Africa recognises that Iran is a pivotal and influential player regionally as well as internationally. It has a large and growing economy and possesses skills and expertise that could influence the countries around it. Iran-South Africa has joint commission it is a longest running structured bilateral mechanism. It is focused on trade and investment, health, education and science and technology. Politically Africa always stood against unilateral sanctions imposed on the Iran and encouraged negotiations to resolve the issue of Iran nuclear deal.
Iran suffered from economic underdevelopment during the sanctions. Now sanctions are gone many foreign companies would return to Iran and invest. Motives of the Brics association are the economy if Iran adjusts in the Brics it will be a good opportunity for future prosperity.
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