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India and North Korea relation for Future
Ajay Mohan
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Delhi Based North Korean embassy celebrated its Independence function it has become important because the BJP government’s Minister of Home Mr. Kiren Rijiju has attended this function. This is not a hassle act from the government but it was taken very sincere manner decision. Recently Indian Parliamentary delegation visited to North Korea on its “Armistice Day” celebrations India’s delegation led by CPM polit bureau member Sitaram Yechury and BJP MP Tarun Vijay and Congress MP, Hamdullah Sayed.
Relation between India and Pyongyang can be described in two ways internationally and economically. BJP already clarify that “Look East Policy” now will be “Act East” Policy. So that this diplomatic moves towards Pyongyang shows the changing perception of India towards North Korea.
Historically, North Korea not remains a good partner for India even in 1962 war North Korea blamed India for this war and took the side of China but this is the past. But presently when Mr Kiren Rijiju attended the North Korean Independence function really a surprising diplomatic move. In Korean Peninsula North Korea never listen any international voice except China that’s why America always concern of its behaviour.
North Korea is a part of U.S’s “Axis of Evils”. But this statement has been criticised internationally and America did not get too much of it North Korean foreign Ministry said “This is, in fact, little short of declaring a war against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” But now Internationally North Korean attitude is changing towards democratic nations. Its recent example of North Korean foreign minister visited India it was welcomed by the United States and called it “positive development”.
Actually, United States wants India should direct interact with North Korea and stand in this region like China. When new government came to power in India and its changing perception towards East Asia and become “Look East Policy” to “Act East” policy gives a new dimension to Americans also. India’s policy cannot be completed whenever not be peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula.
India’s foreign policy moves towards North Korea to develop the cooperation and understanding between the nations. This engagement is a useful tool for the United States and India. Because one side United States wants India become a power in the region to contain China and tackle the emerging situation of Islamic fundamentalism. In this way North Korea is a main hurdle to fulfil the United States desire and for India’s expectation to become a powerhouse of economy in the region
But this emerging relationship between India and North Korea cannot be stable because of closeness of North Korea and Pakistan their strategic partnership. Internally allegation towards Pakistan that it has accused secretly supplied nuclear technology to North Korea for military purpose. And it is proved when Pakistan’s well known Pakistan’s father of nuclear bomb Dr. A.Q. Khan provided sophisticated nuclear technology to North Korea this kind of strategic partnership between Pakistan and North Korea create a serious concern for India and America.
But on economic front the Kim Jong Un regime looks committed strengthen North Korean economy that’s why it is attracting economic reforms specially it invited Japan and South Korea to invest in North Korea. North Korea aware the fact that new government of India is pro –business and pro- reformist government if North Korea really curious to economic reforms it needs India because its old friend China’s economy is slowing down. No doubt that North Korea is an economic backward nation and India is an emerging economy North Korea needs India. But India expects peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and clears the relationship between North Korea and Pakistan is a necessary for the future relation. For North Korea to develop relation with India is compulsory because North Korea relation with China not remains a good. U.S-China Economic and Security review Commission report (2014) said that “Sino-North Korean relations are at their lowest point in decades”. Because China’s frustration over North Korea‘s “destabilizing behaviours and its nuclear test and a high volume of missile tests”. So that it is a chance not only for North Korea but also for India to increase relation economically and internationally issues. If Indian investors invest in North Korea definitely they see the nexus between North Korean - Pakistan and North Korea- China relation. India is a big democratic country if North Korea changes its position towards India no doubt North Korea’s relations will definitely improve with United States and its allies also. In this way India’s attending the national Independence Day function of North Korea in Delhi embassy clearly develop the trust between two nations. This is a first step for friendship long way has to go.
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