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Fetullah Gulen : A Threat for Democracy
Ajay Mohan
Region : Middle East-North Africa,
Issue : Security, Terrorism,
The July 15 coup attempt is the most radical and violent assault from Fethullah Gülen, who tries to keep his disciples alive with a mystical and messianic kind of hope. 15th July the Black Day of Turkish Democracy when at mid night Gülenist Terror Organization FETO tried to destroy the Turkish democratic system. But pro-democracy people not success the idea of Gulen. Fethullah Gülen, the leader of the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) was the main person behind this failed coup. Fetullah Gulen has proud because he is running thousands of schools and institutions and he has decided to overthrow the democratic elected government in Turkey. But he forgot pro-democracy Turkish people not success his dirty plan. No any country in the worlkd those who loves democracy not like Fetullah Gulen.
Actually, Gulen and his allies’ movement of running a "parallel state" inside Turkey and giving threat to the democracy. This failed coup that killed 246 police officers, soldiers and civilians. Since the country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on people to "take to the streets for democracy" on the night of a coup attempt on July 15, large crowds have filled streets and squares in what they called a "democracy watch. The government says Gulen’s followers have built a vast network within Turkey’s bureaucracy over the decades. So that government has to cleansing the whole system and removed the pro-Gulen supporters. As an example Hulusi Akar, the chief of general staff, reportedly testified that the officers who detained him the night of the coup offered to put him in touch with Gulen. Turkey's main opposition leader expressed backing for the government's dismissal of Fetullah Terror Organization (FETO) members from the Turkish army. Whole nation stood behind the democratic values.
It is report that Gülen is also accused of a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and judiciary, forming what is commonly known as the parallel state. U.S. federal support to Gülenist charter schools, Mark Hall, director of "KillingEd" said, "Now I ask: Were our taxes spent to carry out a violent military coup in Turkey? The coup attempt against Turkey by Fetullah Gülen and his followers is a worrying situation. After focusing on the Gülenists for fıve years for my documentary fılm 'Killing Ed,' I was not surprised that they attempted to overthrow the government. They have had a wearing and corruptive affect in the U.S.," Hall said. Almost, America would pay nearly $500 million per year to manage 150 schools." America knows as a saviour of democratic values why he is not taking actions against Fetullah Gulen’s terror act in Turkey. This coup actually a terrorist act because plotters used terrorist means such as opening fire from tanks and helicopters on the people in the streets. Pro-Gulen military personnel killed innocent people they always known as “martyr”.
The broad anti-coup coalition and strong reaction against the coup was a democratic stance against the junta's attempted establishment of an authoritarian regime. Turkey’s declared emergency to save the nation that was the right decision to favour of the country. Because look at the Nice attack, France extended the duration of its state of emergency, which was declared after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Local authorities in the United Stated also declared states of emergency after unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore. The latest coup attempt in Turkey should not be evaluated as a separate incident. The coup attempt was part of illegal plots and a result of the FETÖ's accumulation of power in the bureaucracy. Thus, this threat must be eliminated in all its dimensions
It cannot be deny that July 15 coup attempt was an act of activating the armed faction for the organization. These processes have shown us that the organization uses sophisticated methods and that it is well-organized in nearly every part of the bureaucracy and that it can operate rapidly. The state of emergency, therefore, will be a process that allows Turkey to reorganize the bureaucracy through democratic methods. The fact that FETÖ members in the judiciary and police destroyed documents during investigations shows that the bureaucracy must be reorganized. The state of emergency will be an important process in terms of maintaining freedoms and security. Recently, terrorist organizations have increased their activities in Turkey. Given the bureaucratic turbulence, it is probable that terrorist organizations will launch extensive attacks in Turkey by exploiting this situation.
The failure of the coup attempt can be evaluated through four factors. The first is the popular resistance against it. The second is the powerful political leadership. The third one is the operational activity from the security apparatus. While these three factors formed the resistance bloc, the media as the fourth factor broadcasted in compliance with this bloc of the three resistant actors. As such, this coup attempt became the only one that failed in the history of modern Turkey.
The cleansing of FETÖ elements from institutions is absolutely essential to guarantee the effective operation of state apparatuses. It will give the way and message to fight against ISIS and PKK terrorist organizations. The main aspect that must be emphasized is that FETÖ is not a different terror organization it is like an ISIS or PKK terrorist organization they are same. Despite FETO is more dangerous organization because it destroys the” democratic temple” of the country.
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