Saturday 2nd of July 2022

  • Satu LimayeJoel WuthnowNilanthi Samaranayake
    There’s a smarter way to handle the Brahmaputra conflict.

    China’s September 30 announcement that it would temporarily divert the Xiabuqu—a domestic r

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    Ron Huisken
    The U.S. Navy and the Australian Air Force have recently been at pains to proclaim certain activities in the South China Sea as pursuant to their right to international f

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    Ron Huisken
    As an aspirant nuclear state, North Korea is atypical in nearly every way. It is smaller, poorer, less technologically developed, more isolated, more highly militarized a

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    Prof. Nisar Ul Haq
    South Asia is becoming the new Belgium of the world where tussle for supremacy between the states are rapidly growing. The race is catalysed by the western involvements

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    Mhir Bhonsale
    The election of Htin Kyaw, a trusted aide of NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi, as the president has put Myanmar firmly on the path of a democratic transition. As Myanmar settl

    Asia,South East Asia, Myanmar, India, China, Security
    Anu Sharma
    During the recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Iran, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had praised China for standing by Iran during sanctions. Recentl

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    Siddharth Singh
    Objectives of NSS 2016:
    The United States will host the fourth Nuclear Security Summit in 2016. There are twin goals for the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit: advancing tang

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    Vrinda Prabhat
    First there was the promise of political change in Barack Obama"s historic 2008 election. Then the pledge to up end Washington "s ways after the 2010 tea party


    Vrinda Prabhat
    India sees the U.S. as a major player in the pursuit of its national interests, be it security, economic, strategic or scientific, the U.S., on its part sees the rise of

    SouthAsia,/America,India,Pakistan, Security,Terrorism
    Mahdi Munadi
    Fareed Zakaria, in his book titled "Post-American World" talks about "Rise of the Rest" such as China, India and Brazil and so on. The "Rest"

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