Sunday 10th of December 2023

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows no sign of a peaceful conclusion. Meanwhile, the world remains focused on Israel’s war on Gaza. Sometimes it seems that policymakers have all but forgotten about Afghanistan. After taking power more than two years ago, the Taliban have learned that resisting is much easier than governing. There is a nationwide shortage of basic medical supplies. Tens
The growing convergence of India and the United States’ (US) perspectives on the Middle East is one of the main signals from the fifth iteration of the ‘two plus two’ meeting on 10 November 2023 in New Delhi. The defence and foreign ministers of the two countries were unambiguous in condemning Hamas terror, emphasising Israel’s right to self-defence while observing the inte
(FPRI) — On February 2, 2023, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III announced the temporary return of American troops to four new military bases in the Philippines, restarting a military presence there that has been dormant for thirty years. These four new bases are concentrated on the island of Luzon in the north and Palawan in the west, augmenting five original sites across the Philippines.
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P. K. Balachandran 2023-12-04
In the North, Modi’s charisma and his Hindu consolidation plank prevail over Rahul Gandhi&rsqu...

Region : South Asia, India,
Issue : Democracy, Politics,
Shashank Ranjan 2023-12-04
A counter-terror operation lasting for more than 24 hours in Rajouri’s Kalakote in Jammu and K...

Region : South Asia, India,
Issue : Politics,

Dr. Theodore Karasik 2023-12-04
China’s ambitious and secretive space plane program is of great interest in terms of possibly ...

Region : China, Science & Technology,
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John Feffer 2023-12-02
Panic does not produce prudent politics. Panic produces provocative populists. And it reduces pundit...

Region : Europe,
Issue : Politics,

Jonathan Ping 2023-12-02
In a world marked by great power competition but striving for global development, the Chinese Commun...

Region : China,
Issue : Military Issues, Security,
Akhas Tazhutov 2023-12-02
“At the disintegration of the USSR, Kazakhstan seceded from the Soviet Union without observing...

Region : Central Asia, Kazakhstan,
Issue : Politics,

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